WATCH: Apple's iPhone 14 event featured some creepy teases for Severance Season 2 1 year ago

WATCH: Apple's iPhone 14 event featured some creepy teases for Severance Season 2

You might have missed them entirely if you weren't looking for them...

If you haven't already, go watch the first season of Severance, the absolutely mind-bending sci-fi thriller series that debuted on Apple TV+ earlier this year.


Ever since the final episode of that first season aired back in April, fans have been awaiting any kind of update regarding the impending second season.

We won't give away anything here, but rarely has a show managed to leave a viewer on as many simultaneous cliffhangers as Severance did.

Jump forward to this week, and Apple held an event for the iPhone 14 - which also revealed some HUGE price differences for the new phone depending where in the world you purchase one - and eagle-eyed viewers spotted someone familiar during the ad for the new AirPods.

Yep, that would appear to be Kelly R (played by Britt Lower) boarding the subway, dressed in the same pencil skirt/polo neck shirt combo we know her to wear in the show.


On the train itself, you can see its destination is 'Infinite Loop' via 'Milky Way Road'. This could be a hint for what to expect from the new season, or it could just be fun words being used by Apple to sell their new products.

By itself, that might've just been a coincidence, or a teeny tiny Easter Egg, until we get to the very end of the presentation, when the camera appears to pull away from Earth, all the way out into space, and then...


Yep, there she is again!

She's waiting for another train (or the same train?), and as the camera holds steady on her, she seems to glitch entirely out of existence for a moment.

And over that creepy little snippet, we hear that ominous Severance music play out.

Should we expect Severance Season Two to go even harder into the sci-fi elements when it returns? Or is Apple just having some fun with one of its shows, considering the strong tech-angle?


The fact that so much of the teasing takes place in and around the subway would lean towards the hint that we'll be seeing more of Kelly R's life outside of tech company Lumon.

Or we're just reading too much into nothing because we're desperate for more Severance. There is no set date for the second season to arrive, but if it follows suit from the first, we should be getting it in February 2023. Fingers crossed!