TG4's documentary on Sophia Murphy looks like an incredibly powerful watch 1 year ago

TG4's documentary on Sophia Murphy looks like an incredibly powerful watch

She bravely told her story on The Late Late Show and appealed to victims of sexual abuse to come forward.

During the most recent episode of The Late Late Show, Sophia Murphy recounted her story of being sexually abused by her father since a young age.


In doing so, she bravely appealed to victims of abuse to come forward.

"For anyone that's a victim of any form of abuse please don't ever feel ashamed," Murphy said.

You have done nothing wrong.  They know exactly how to break you down.They know exactly what they're doing.

"For anyone who touches a child, you are sick.  Just please, please think twice before you destroy a child's life.  It has destroyed our family."

In July of 2018, Sophia's father, John Murphy, was convicted of sexually assaulting and raping his eldest daughter from the age of three to 15.

Sophia waived her anonymity following the conviction so that her father could be named. She did so in order to encourage other abuse victims to come forward.

During the interview with Ryan Tubridy, she spoke about how much this horrific and "relentless" abuse had impacted her life.

As mentioned previously, TG4's documentary series Finné is returning this week and they'll be telling Sophia's story.

The official synopsis reads:

"Sophia Murphy’s earliest memory is being sexually abused by her father at three years of age. This is Sophia’s incredible story, who endured this abuse from her father every day of her life until she was about 15 years of age.


"He was convicted in July 2018 and was sentenced to 18 years for the abuse of Sophia along with both her sisters.

"Sophia’s name had been kept anonymous up until then, but she decided to wave her anonymity in the hope of giving courage to other victims and showing them they can survive, as she has."

Finné returns to TG4 this Wednesday 2 October at 9.30pm.

Here's a look at what's in store.

Clips via TG4 and The Late Late Show