QUIZ: How well do you know Netflix smash hit Squid Game? 1 week ago

QUIZ: How well do you know Netflix smash hit Squid Game?

It's the show of the moment but can you get 100% in our own tough examination?

Chances are, you're one of the many, many, many people out there who have either watched or are currently working your way through Squid Game.


The survival drama has been breaking viewership records for the streaming giant, not to mention causing some power surge bother due to just how popular it is.

It's a palpable hit, but how strong is your own Squid Game knowledge, then?

Don't worry, if you don't do too well here the consequences are less severe than they are in the show. Just a bit of shame, really.

Just to note, the questions below mostly relate to the first half of the season so there are some light spoilers contained within. Nothing too shocking, but maybe tread carefully if you're still in the early stages.

Or dive on in with reckless abandon. Either way, give it your very best shot...

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