This image of shaved Super Mario with his moustache shaved off is giving people nightmares 2 years ago

This image of shaved Super Mario with his moustache shaved off is giving people nightmares

Cannot un-see...

Super Mario is gaming’s biggest icon. He first appeared in the original 1981 arcade version of Donkey Kong, where he first went under the name of Jumpman. He then got his own game, alongside his brother Luigi, in 1983’s Mario Bros.

But it was with then with 1985’s Super Mario Bros on the NES that he truly revolutionised the artform and defining the side-scrolling action game for decades to come. After that, the classics just kept coming – Super Mario World, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Odyssey…  And that’s not even mentioning the spin off titles like Super Mario Kart, Dr Mario, Mario Party and Super Smash Bros.

Of course, the good name of Mario Mario (his official name by the way) has been smeared a few times. Not every game he has been in has been a stone cold classic – anyone who had the misfortune of playing Hotel Mario will tell you that. And of course, there is the infamous 1993 Super Mario Bros movie, where he was played by the late Bob Hoskins, that turned the mushroom kingdom into some sort of cheap-ass dystopian Blade Runner rip-off.

But that is nothing to compared to this image.

Seriously, fair warning – this will haunt you. This is your last chance to turn back.

Someone has photoshopped the moustache off Mario, and it is horrifying.

It has scarred many, many people.

It has also been compared to Henry Cavill’s appearance in Justice League (for those of you who don’t remember, he was called back for reshoots on the superhero movie while he already grown a moustache for the new Mission Impossible film. And as he couldn’t shave it off, it was unconvincingly CGI’d out).

Some people had a go at giving Mario a new look.

Toad with human legs is still worse though.