Talk To Me reveals itself as potentially 2023's scariest horror 5 months ago

Talk To Me reveals itself as potentially 2023's scariest horror

The movie has been described as having 'vomit-inducing tension'. Bring it on!

Premiering at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival, there is a lot of talk around Talk To Me, with many declaring it to be the scariest movie of the year to come, as well as arguably the scariest horror that A24 have ever released.


Considering A24 are the production/distribution company behind Hereditary, Green Room, Midsommar, It Comes At Night, X, The Hole in the Ground, and loads more, that is quite the statement, immediately putting this new movie to the top of horror fan's must-watch lists.

The plot for Talk To Me revolves around a group of friends who discover how to conjure spirits using an embalmed hand, and they very quickly become hooked on the new thrill. Of course, things get very bad for everyone involved, when one of the teens (Sophie Wilde) goes too far and unleashes terrifying supernatural forces.

From that Sundance premiere, the critics on-hand to react couldn't help but fling superlatives at the horror they had just witnessed.

Collider - "Whether you can stomach it enough to make it all the way will depend on the viewer, but Talk To Me has plenty that promises to capture the souls of horror sickos looking for a sinister spectacle."


The Playlist - "On the surface, Talk to Me is a blast of demonic horror that will make your skin crawl. Underneath, it offers a new twist on the teen horror film that explores the complexities of grief and the transition from childhood to adulthood."

IndieWire - "A bundle of taut nerves stretched to their vomit-inducing breaking point, Talk to Me is the type of horror film whose effectiveness arises from its barebones simplicity."

ScreenRant - "Talk to Me is an assured directorial debut, serving up plenty of terror, gore, and emotional beats in a story that is well-developed and carefully crafted. Audiences will be hooked to the screen, impatiently awaiting what comes next in this unsettling, thrilling horror."

Talk To Me is currently scheduled to arrive in cinema in Ireland and the UK on Friday, 28 July. Check out the brand new trailer right here:


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