Here's the full trailer for The Crown season 3 1 year ago

Here's the full trailer for The Crown season 3

A right royal affair.

Times change. Duty endures.


So goes the official tagline for season three of Netflix smash The Crown, which will be back in your streaming queue very soon.

The latest chapter sees a changing of the guard in Downing Street as Olivia Colman's Queen Elizabeth and her family struggle to adapt to the challenges of a rapidly changing Britain.

Almost like that kind of thing is oddly relevant, huh.

The official blurb promises everything from cold-war paranoia to "the exuberance of the 1960s and long hangover of the 1970s" along the way, but let's just cut to the chase.

You're here for the trailer, right?

Sound. Check it out below before the show returns on Sunday 17 November.

Clip via Netflix