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Well now... this could be interesting.

Sony have been trying for a while to get their Spiderman Movie Universe (the SMU?) up and running for a few years now, and with the imminent arrival of Spiderman: Homecoming (which comes complete with a Marvel once-over and a supporting role going to Tony "Iron Man" Stark), it looks like they've finally got their potential franchise on some stable footing.

Wanting to continue to strike while the iron is hot, it has just been announced via The Hollywood Reporter that none other than Tom Hardy will be donning the all-black skin-tight suit for the Venom spin-off movie.

For those who don't know - or didn't see Spiderman 3 (lucky you) - Venom is basically a parasitic alien that latches itself on to it's host in order to survive. In return, it gives that host some seriously impressive strength and agility, but also has a tendency to make them go just a little bit crazy.

Hardy be playing Eddie Brock, the first victim to the Venom parasite in the comic-books, and he will be directed by Ruben Fleischer, the guy who previously directed the cult hit Zombieland.

The entire project has been put on fast-forward, with a projected release date of 5 Oct 2018, which would make it the tenth superhero movie to be released in that calendar year.

There's also a rumour that Sony will really be pushing the horror aspect of the Venom story, although how they plan on coming up with anything scarier than this is beyond us...

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