The most 'tweeted about' movie of 2017 so far has been revealed 4 years ago

The most 'tweeted about' movie of 2017 so far has been revealed

Bet you won't have guessed this.

We're only halfway through the year, but someone has already decided to do a tally on Twitter's most talked-about film of 2017.


The people at Variety got their hands on the figures first and they make for some interesting reading.

Perhaps surprisingly, the most tweeted-about film on Twitter so far this year is Wonder Woman.

Despite being out just a few weeks in the US and less than a week here, the superhero reboot leads the way with the most tweets of any film this year at 2.19 million tweets so far.

It beat other major releases including Beauty and the Beast and La La Land to the top spot.

Wonder Woman herself (the character as opposed to the film) also created a buzz online - she's the most tweeted-about film character of 2017, with Batman coming in second.


It had the biggest opening weekend ever in the US for a female-directed film and is the highest-grossing female-led superhero film ever, reports Forbes.

Director Patty Jenkins shared this tweet, celebrating the film's success.