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27th Jul 2021

Universal spending $400 million on a new Exorcist trilogy featuring some of the original cast

Rory Cashin

The movies will be directed by the man behind the recent Halloween reboot.

While the 1973 original movie is considered a masterpiece, including being one of the very few horror movies to be nominated for the Best Picture Oscar, the additional four movies in the franchise since then have been mostly quite bad.

Considering that the same can be said of the Halloween franchise, it makes sense that they would give the director of that series’ recent reboot the opportunity to oversee a new trilogy within The Exorcist’s universe.

Deadline has reported that Universal have closed a $400 million deal with Blumhouse and other production companies for the rights to the new trilogy, which will be directed by David Gordon Green, and will see Ellen Burstyn reprise her iconic role from the first movie, as the mother of a demon-possessed child.

The new movies will focus on Leslie Odom Jr. (Hamilton, One Night in Miami) as the father of a child he believes to be possessed, and he seeks out Burstyn’s character to help him find a solution.

The first film in the new trilogy is set to debut in cinemas in October 2023, on the 50th anniversary of the first movie’s release.

The second and third movies could debut on Peacock, which is Universal’s streaming service in the States, currently unavailable in Ireland and the UK.

Meanwhile, the second entry in the new Halloween trilogy, titled Halloween Kills, is due to arrive in Irish cinemas on Friday, 15 October this year.

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