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Video: Christopher Walken and Al Pacino in Stand Up Guys trailer
Christopher Walken teams up with Al Pacino as some aging gangsters in The Stand Up Guys

Christopher Walken teams up with Al Pacino as some aging gangsters in The Stand Up Guys

By Genna Patterson

The Stand Up Guys sees some of the best old school actors get together for one last night of fun before one of them must put down the other. Al Pacino is Val, an aging gangster who took the fall for his gang and is released after 28 years from prison. His friend Doc (Christopher Walken) collects him from prison but soon confesses he has been tasked with killing Val by the end of the day by the gang boss. Now that's just nasty.

The pair strike a deal to have one last night of fun and break out their other friend Hirsch (Alan Arkin) from a retirement home. Oldies out for a good time, nice. The Stand Up Guys also stars Julianna Marguiles (The Good Wife) and Mark Margolis (The Wrestler).

The movie is directed by Fisher Stevens, who you might know better from his acting roles in Lost as George Minkowski or in Short Circuit and he directed some episodes of TV show Early Edition in the nineties.

The movie is set for release in February in the US, but there is no confirmation of Irish release just yet.

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