Video: Excellent montage of’s 25 best films of 2013 8 years ago

Video: Excellent montage of’s 25 best films of 2013

Whether you agree with the choices or not, this is just great.

In the coming weeks you can expect to see a lot of ‘Best of the year’ lists and given that there are usually so many options to choose from, the ‘best movies of the year’ lists are amongst the most anticipated, talked about and debated over the festive period.


Few of those lists will have been put together with the skill of’s senior editor David Ehrlich, who collected clips from his 25 favourite flicks of the last year and combined them in a gorgeous montage that is one of the best reflections of the cinematic year nearly passed that you will see.

We’ll let you look through the list yourself rather than giving it away here, but the likes of Gravity, At World’s End and The Great Gatsby all feature, with music from the selected films providing the perfect soundtrack.

Great work.


Hat-tip to David Ehrlich for his help with this one