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17th Sep 2013

Video: The Honest Trailer folks tackle Brad Pitt’s World War Z

We've featured these fine folks' work before but this one is especially good.


We’ve featured these fine folks’ work before but this one is especially good.

While there have definitely been worse summer blockbusters on our screens this year than World War Z it was ripe for a bit of piss taking thanks to its cast, the massive budget and the more serious slant they put on the whole ‘zombie apocalypse’ genre.

And there are few better people to do that than the people behind honest trailers. We’ve featured their Breaking Bad trailer (Warning, contains spoilers)  and their brilliant dismantling of the dire Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Now the Marc Forster flick, seemingly by popular demand, gets the same treatment and every little cliche, mistake and obvious plot hole gets pulled apart here.

As we said, it is a little unfair on what wasn’t the worst film in the world, but if you have seen it, it will definitely raise a smile or two.

And if you haven’t, this may ruin the film so don’t press play if you don’t want it spoiled.

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