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16th Jan 2014

Video: The latest clip from Robocop features all of the shooting

Boom, kablamo, explode! Robocop likes to shoot stuff


Boom, kablamo, explode! Robocop likes to shoot stuff

We’re all very excited by the remake of Robocop that will hit screens later on this year, and there has been a new clip released giving us a look at what we can expect.

The main change is Robocop’s uniform, which is now black instead of silver, and also Red from That ’70s Show (Kurtwood Smith) is not in this version we don’t think.

In this clip, Joel Kinnaman who plays Alex Murphy/Robocop shoots his way through a training exercise, and judging by this, the fake bullet budget for this remake must have been through the roof.

According to Purple Revolver, director José Padilha, who directed the excellent Tropa de Elite, has stated that he’s not remaking the movie, but rather looking at the philosophical ideas behind the character, so don’t expect too many similarities between this year’s version and the classic when it’s released next month.

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