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04th Feb 2015

Video: The Mountain from Game of Thrones breaks weightlifting record that stood for 1,000 years

Some man for one man

Conor Heneghan

Mountain on Game of Thrones and now the World’s Strongest Viking. That’s some CV.

Game of Thrones fans who saw what ‘The Mountain’ was capable of in the most recent season of the show don’t need to be told how much of a beast he is, but he went and proved it again last week in some style.

The man known to his mother as Hafthor Bjornsson took part in the World’s Strongest Viking competition (arguably the best-named competition ever) on the last day of January and marked the occasion by breaking a record that had stood for 1,000 years.

Bjornsson didn’t break the record by deadlifting or bench-pressing, however. No, no, he did it by lifting a log that was 32 foot long and weighed 1,433lbs, just over 102 stone in his old money.

And he lifted it on his back and carried it for five steps. On his back!

Video via YouTube/photographingtime

In doing so, Bjornsson broke a record that apparently stood for 1,000 years – those Vikings are obviously real sticklers for detail and record-keeping – and it could well be another 1,000 years before it’s broken again.

What a beast.

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