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28th Jun 2015

Video: Three young filmmakers get the best call of their lives from Kevin Spacey

The three winners of the Jameson First Shot prize were announced in LA

Tony Cuddihy

Three major new talents in the film industry have been found.

Travis Calvert (US), Mark Middlewick (South Africa) and Stephan Tempier (Canada) have all been announced as the winners of the Jameson First Shot prize.

Their short films – all starring Oscar winner Adrien Brody – were helped along by Kevin Spacey and Trigger Street Productions and have now been recognised with one of the most prestigious awards in the film industry.

Getting a call from Kevin Spacey to deliver the news will surely go down as one of the best moments of their lives. The reactions of the three winners are priceless.

Calvert, who made The History Book, said: “Having made my film in LA with Adrien & Trigger Street, I can honestly say that winning the Jameson First Shot has been a once in a lifetime opportunity that has left me feeling honored, humbled, grateful, inspired, and hopeful for the future.”

Tempier wrote Boredom, and said: “Jameson First Shot has been an exciting and tremendous learning experience and it was a privilege to be one of this year’s winners.”

Finally, South African Middlewick made The Mascot, which tells the story of Adam, the mascot for the Pittsburgh Pandas basketball team. Adam’s life revolves around the character and the job – until he is fired and decides to confront the man who has replaced him.

“Jameson First Shot is an opportunity any undiscovered filmmaker could only dream about,” he said. “It’s given my work the pedestal to be seen by a worldwide audience, allowed me unprecedented access to the industry, and instilled in me the confidence to persevere and keep pursuing my dream.”