Viewers spot continuity error during robbery scene in Line of Duty season opener 1 month ago

Viewers spot continuity error during robbery scene in Line of Duty season opener

Mother of God

The return of Line of Duty saw TV viewers glued to BBC One on Sunday night, as AC-12 get ready to uncover the next load of corruption and eventually, hopefully, discover the last remaining member of 'H'.


The sixth season will see DS Steve Arnott and Superintendent Ted Hastings investigate the case surrounding the murder of journalist Gail Vella. The series opener saw Terry Boyle, who viewers will remember from previous seasons, suspected of her murder.

DI Kate Fleming, who is no longer working with AC-12, much to the viewers' distress, is not convinced he is the killer. And nor are AC-12.

The incident that could be key in taking down DCI Jo Davidson - the officer overseeing this operation - is likely to hinge on the armed robbery that occurred while the police convoy were en route to arresting the suspect.

But aside from the fact there is little to no chance she would have been able to spot such a thing while travelling at high speed, and therefore must have known it was going to happen, viewers spotted an error in this scene.

Car fanatics will be able to distinguish their new BMWs from their old ones, and a few eagle eyed viewers highlighted that two shots during the scene showed different models of car.

Twitter user Ryan Pearce was one of many to point it out, saying: "Can’t be the only one who noticed the car change between shots?"


Another user replied: "Couldn’t get another 69plate so just put the plate on a 2009 car."

Many viewers will have missed this continuity error, too busy trying to work out whether Kate has actually left AC-12 or if she's just in deep, deep, deep undercover.

Episode 1 set the rest of the series up for plenty of twists and turns, and fans are already starting to hypothesise about what will happen, as well as the who, where and why.

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