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R-Pattz has come a long way since being a glittery-vampire-dreamboat to certain group of folk...

In the last few years he has received critical acclaim for his roles in the likes of The Rover, Life, Maps To The Stars, Cosmopolis, The Lost City Of Z and last month his new movie Good Times got a standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival.

However, he is likely to always be caught in the shadow of the behemoth that was the Twilight series.

Combined, the five movies made just shy of $3.5 BILLION at the worldwide box office, despite the fact that no movie scored above 50% on Rotten Tomatoes, and even dipped as low as 24% for the is-it-even-scientifically-possible-to-be-this-dull Breaking Dawn: Part One.

The movies took up over five years on Pattinson's life, and they are obviously the reason why he's a household name, but unlike the Harry Potter or Hunger Games series, outside of the fans of the books, they never really caught on for the regular cinema-goers.

That being said, it does appear that Pattinson himself is very much aware of what he got himself in for, as this fantastically-well edited together compilation video of him answering questions about the Twilight movies is more entertaining than any of the movies themselves.

We particularly love the realisation that if Edward Cullen weren't fictional, and lived in the real world, he would mostly likely be a psychopathic serial killer, and his comments on Twilight author Stephanie Meyer's thoughts on the series probably mean he won't be asked back for any future reboots.


Well, would you look who it is. While you're here, check this out...

Episode 17 of The JOE Show was a cracker as comedian PJ Gallagher and Mick Konstantin AKA 'the viral star who wrote that brilliant Conor McGregor song' joined us on the sofa, the funktastic CC Brez was in to play the Magic Cover, while Domhnall Gleeson told us what it was like to boss some lad called Tom Cruise around on the set of his new film American Made.

Plus, Kymann and Dara had an egg-cellent time playing the Whispering Challenge, while Shifts discovered that you can never, EVER lie to your mammy... so don't even try.

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