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10th Mar 2018

WATCH: There has never been an audience member as excited as this Brendan O’Connor fan

Rory Cashin

If only all fans were this hyped.

Friday night’s The Late Late Show has a couple of very interesting guests, including style icon Pippa O’Connor, author Louise O’Neill, as well as comedian and presenter Brendan O’Connor.

O’Connor came out and took part in a more-than-decent interview, discussing everything from problems of dependency to his opinion on Leo Varadkar:

Clip via The Late Late Show

While he received a generally positive reaction from the viewers at home, it was what happened just as he was coming out on stage that people were talking about.

When Ryan Tubridy announced who his next guest was, the camera cut to the audience, and we see one member of the crowd absolutely losing her mind in excitement for O’Connor’s arrival:

In short, we all deserve to be greeted that way when we enter a room, because then nobody would ever feel bad about themselves ever again.

Seriously, Brendan, you need to talk to this woman and see if you can hire her as your personal confidence booster, just hyping you up to the max every time you’ve got a public engagement on.

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