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14th Oct 2017

WATCH: The exact moment Graham Norton explained to Jane Fonda that her new film has a very rude sounding name

She didn't realise 'Our Souls At Night' sounds like 'Arseholes At Night'

Nooruddean Choudry

Jane Fonda is a living legend of the silver screen.

Not only is she Hollywood royalty, having won both an Academy Award and BAFTA Award twice each, as well as a AFI Life Achievement Award, but she has also been a writer, political activist, fashion model and fitness guru in a full and fascinating life. As such she deserves due reverence.

But whilst appearing on The Graham Norton Show on Friday night, she was confronted by the troubling revelation that her emotional new film has a very rude sounding title. Our Souls At Night is available on Netflix and stars Fonda and Robert Redford. From the synopsis, it’s clear it is a grown up and tender romantic drama:

Addie Moore and Louis Waters, a widow and widower, have lived next door to each other for years. When Addie tries to make a connection with her neighbor, the two begin sleeping in bed together platonically, with the innocent goal of alleviating their shared loneliness. As their relationship deepens, however, they each deal with grief and loss, and a real romance begins to blossom.

But what no one – except Norton-  had the guts to tell Fonda to her face is that Our Souls At Night sounds very much like Arseholes At Night, a very different kind of film. The slow realisation of what she’s being told slowly shows on Fonda’s face, and fair play to her, she pisses herself at the embarrassing pun.

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