WATCH: The Viper's World News has been snapped up by a major Russian broadcaster 2 years ago

WATCH: The Viper's World News has been snapped up by a major Russian broadcaster


If you’re one of the many fans of The Viper, who came to prominence in The Hardy Bucks, then you’ll know of a very funny YouTube segment he does on occasion called World News.

Just days after he was threatened with legal action by Euronews if he didn’t remove the segment, it has emerged that ‘World News’ has now been snapped by major Russian broadcaster RT (Russia Today), who will feature it on every Thursday starting next week.

This is no small-time operation either. The RT Twitter account, for example, has 2.16 million followers.

In an announcement on their website, RT said that “the show gives Higgins a regular platform for his comedic streams of consciousness after being shunned by what he describes as the "soft sh*tes" of the mainstream media”.

Commenting on the big news, the Viper, AKA Francis Higgins, said: “I can be quite rude and I like to say things that others would shy away from.

“Viper’s View will contain just enough cynicism to see you over the finish line of what has inevitably been a sh*t working week, where you have toiled away for some arsehole.

“I’m happy to be making stuff for RT because they always have the best guests and personalities,” he added.

“I want to give people the strength to carry on in a world ran by evil.”

RT also unveiled a teaser clip of what we can expect from World News on a weekly basis, with the Viper hitting London to meet with RT bigwigs and George Galloway.

If we get this every week, then we dare say his fans won’t be disappointed.

Congratulations Viper!