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09th Mar 2019

WATCH: Two game show contestants fail spectacularly at the final hurdle

Rory Cashin

wheel of fortune

We can almost hear the entire world screaming at their TV screens…

There must be a scientific study out there somewhere that shows the difference between the IQ of people as they watch a gameshow at home, and then that same person’s IQ as they actually take part in said gameshow.

When we’re all at home, we have no problem being armchair Masterminds, easily solving every riddle on Catchphrase, or knowing how to perfectly do every trick in The Cube.

But maybe the pressure of being in front of a camera, in front of an audience in the studio, and knowing millions of people will be watching you from their homes, that puts in a dent in a person’s normal intelligence levels.

On Friday night, US gameshow Wheel Of Fortune found a contestant with practically a full statement in front of them.

Having guessed the ‘D’ in ‘Doing’, all the remained was ‘Doing _eadstands & _andstands’, under the category of Fun & Games. Seems easy enough, right?


Yeah, it doesn’t go so great.

But at least that player wasn’t alone, as in that same episode, someone had to guess that name of a street, “_all Street”, which you’d think would be easy enough.

Almost too easy, right?


We’re willing to start taking on funding for that study now.

After those two videos, we’re sure there are some big institutions out there looking for the answers just like we are…