What a character: Why Randy Marsh from South Park is a TV great 8 years ago

What a character: Why Randy Marsh from South Park is a TV great


There are certain characters that become so engrained in pop-culture that they seem to take on a life of their own.


This week, I’m focusing on a man that seems to perfectly capture the madness, charm and sheer lunacy of South Park.

It could only be the beer-drinking, World of Warcraft playing, Bono hating, Bat Dad fighting hero, Randy Marsh.

In three words, he’s: Deranged, suggestible and hilarious.



Why he's a TV great: Right from the beginning, South Park defined itself by being completely different to anything else on TV. Just look at the main characters, they’re foul-mouthed children that have to deal with the strangest teacher ever, one of their mates dying in every episode and their town being constantly destroyed.

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Kyle, Cartman, Stan and Kenny have one more issue to deal with though, their parents. Randy was a supporting character in the first few seasons but there was always a few subtle moments when you just knew that he was an absolute lunatic that was waiting to escape.



Fans of the show might remember the episode when Sharon kidnapped Officer Barbrady in the cellar without any pants or when Stan’s parents divorced and he had to live with his new stepfather, Roy.

Randy was a character that was just waiting to be developed - hot, hot, hot- but it wasn’t until the show really defined itself as a satire - that took the piss out of more current issues - that Randy came into his own.

What other characters would have a monkey pee on them, bounce on his scrotum like a spacehopper, engage in the most memorable episode of ‘Wheel of Fortune’ ever or lose his sanity in World of Warcraft.


Randy is the conduit that allows Trey Parker and Matt Stone to satirically examine the world around them. He’s easily the best character in the show and here’s hoping that no one will ever ‘toooooook his job’ Derk-a-der!

His best quote: There are so many but you can’t beat him saying “STAAANNN!” or the Bat Dad episode when he’s hammered, being arrested by the police but still stating that he’s done nothing wrong and that he “thought this was America”.

If we could put him in another show: I’ve always been curious to see what Randy would be like if he was cast in a family friendly show like 'The Fresh Prince of Bell Air' or 'Full House'.

These families would probably be spending more time at Walmart, dealing with the homeless or fleeing from the Easter bunny.


His best scene: Please feel free to get in touch with your own one but this moment is what makes South Park such an iconic show.