The "next Game of Thrones" and 7 more movies and shows to watch this week 10 months ago

The "next Game of Thrones" and 7 more movies and shows to watch this week

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Not one but TWO potential Best Actor nominees for the 2022 Oscars are in the mix this week.

Another week further into winter, another set of nights that are darker and colder, so we're all looking for more stuff to watch comfortably on the couch.


And that is exactly what you'll find in the latest episode of The Big Reviewski, which can be watched in full below, or you can skip to the cinema reviews (4:35), home entertainment recommendations (14:25), and classic re-watches (25:15).

Here are the new cinema releases, which will all be available on the big screens around Ireland from Friday, 19 November...



Picking up directly from the 1980s movies, we see a family move to a house in the middle of nowhere, left to them in a will be their estranged grandfather, who just happens to be original Ghostbuster Egon Spengler.

Once they move in, they discover they're at the centre of a brand new ghostly mystery...

JOE caught up with the stars of Ghostsbusters: Afterlife ahead of the movie's release, and you can check out our chat with Paul Rudd right here:



Will Smith is likely to be nominated for the Best Actor Oscar thanks to his performance in this biopic, playing the father of Venus and Serena Williams, and showing the dedication and tough love required to put them on the path towards greatness.

And now on to the stuff you can watch at home this week, starting with...



While we wait for Prime Video's small screen adaptation of The Lord of the Rings, and HBO to properly bring back Game of Thrones, this will fill that epic fantasy void for us.

Rosamund Pike plays a witch who must travel the world with a group of young potentials, one of which will possess the ability to save the world... or completely destroy it.

The first three episodes will be available to watch on Prime Video on Friday, 19 November, with the remainder of the series arriving weekly after that.



A live-action adaptation of the hit '90s anime series.

If you can imagine Quentin Tarantino directing a light-hearted version of Blade Runner, while keeping all of the violence and colour and plot twists, then you're kinda on the right track.

All 10 episodes of Cowboy Bebop will be available to watch on Netflix on Friday, 19 November.

tick, tick... BOOM!

Andrew Garfield plays Jonathan Larson, the writer and creator of the hit Broadway musical Rent, and this movie is directed by Lin-Manuel Maranda, the creator of Hamilton.

So, if you love musicals, then you really can't go too wrong with this one!

tick, tick... BOOM! will be available to watch on Netflix from Friday, 19 November.


The first lockdown began with all of us watching the first season of Tiger King, so this might trigger some PTSD for some viewers.

The second season delves into the impact that the first season had on those involved in the documentary, as well as revisiting some of the dangling plot threads from that first visit with Joe Exotic and his cohorts...

All five episodes of Tiger King 2 are available to watch on Netflix from Wednesday, 17 November.

And finally, the amazingly exciting Pizza And A Movie section, with Rory and Eoghan each picking a movie for you to enjoy at home this weekend, and putting it to a public vote to decide which is the better pick...

Here are this week's picks, with the vote once again going up on JOE's Instagram channel, so keep an eye out on that to have your say!


A bit of a tough watch, but a brilliant one. Clive Owen is hired to safely transport a pregnant woman out of the UK in a near-future almost-apocalypse where a new baby hasn't been born in decades.

Children Of Men is available to watch this week on NOW, thanks to the free addition of the Peacock library.

Eoghan's Pick - DECK THE HALLS

To celebrate Danny DeVito's 77th birthday this week, why not check out this Christmas comedy where he essentially goes to war with his neighbour (Matthew Broderick) over who has the better-decorated home.

Deck The Halls is available to watch on Netflix and Prime Video right now.

Clips via Netflix, Prime Video, Warner Bros. and Universal

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