WATCH: Will Smith tells hilarious, disgusting "snot story" about the new Princess Jasmine 2 years ago

WATCH: Will Smith tells hilarious, disgusting "snot story" about the new Princess Jasmine

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The Aladdin co-stars clearly had a great time on set together!

We're approaching the halfway point in Disney's live-action remake trilogy this year, as we've already had Dumbo earlier in 2019, and we'll be getting The Lion King in July, but before then, we've got their new take on an absolute classic, Aladdin.


The movie is released in Irish cinemas on Wednesday 22 May, and you can check out the trailer here:

Clip via Will Smith

In the lead-up to the release of the movie, JOE was lucky enough to have some sit down chats with the new Aladdin (Mena Massoud) and Princess Jasmine (Naomi Scott), as well as attend a huge press conference in London which also featured the movie's composter Alan Menken, director and co-writer Guy Ritchie, and the new Genie, played by Will Smith.

During the press conference, and we're not quite sure how it got to this, Will decided to tell what he described as the 'Snot Story' about his new co-star:

"So, we were on set. Naomi had just done a brilliant rendition of 'Speechless' (a brand new song in the new version of the movie), and it was all in one shot, and she's crying, and this is the 100% truth! She was crying and everything was great and it was a real moment for us on set!

"She had a big vein in the middle of her forehead, and she will not go Speechless, and Guy was crying! And I was really moved! So I go walking up to her to go say 'Great job'."


At which Naomi cuts in to tell us that she simply didn't see Will approaching her, which Will agrees with:

"Her back is to me. And it was all so emotional, and I go "Hey, Naomi...", and in slow motion, she turns around, and I already have my hand up for the high five, and as she turns around she..."

And Will acts out Naomi wiping some... thing... from her nose. And in the background, you can see Naomi screaming "Nooooo..." and cringing herself into a ball while Will continues to tell the story.

"My hand is already up and I'm just like 'Nnnnnnnnnnooooooooooo!', it was a full snot high five. And I'm like, she's a young actress, she's given a great performance, so I can't pull back, I can't take the hand back, so it was just a full snot high five. Splash, all in the fingers, and I'm just like 'Awh, good job, good job!'"

You can watch the entire hilarious interaction right here:


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