FEATURE: 11 of the best Scrubs celebrity guest stars 4 years ago

FEATURE: 11 of the best Scrubs celebrity guest stars

Scrubs will always have a place in our hearts.

Last week we brought you a list of the best celebrity guest stars in Friends, and if there's one show that can compete with Friends for sheer comedic genius, it's Scrubs.

While we love JD, Turk and co. the show wouldn't have been the incredible heart-warming comedy that it was without the secondary characters that only feature in an episode or two..

Here are 11 of the best...

Michael J. Fox

My Catalyst/My Porcelain God,  Season 9 

Fox played Dr. Kevin Casey who, initially, the gang look up to until they realise he's got his own issues. Fox starred on the show for two episodes, one of which featured the iconic epiphany toilet. The Back to the Future actor was praised for his portrayal of an OCD sufferer on the show.

Writer Bill Lawrence added the OCD to cover up Michael J. Fox's Parkinson's Disease.

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Aziz Ansari

My Lawyer's in Love - My Last Words, Season 8

Parks and Recreation's Tom wasn't hugely known before he starred on the show, but his portrayal of Big Ed was pretty hilarious. Ansari played an intern who isn't quite cut out to be a doctor, but he has other strengths such as an intense knowledge of Lost and his ability to make trends that quickly get picked up.

Ed doesn't last too long due to his lack of interest, but leaves his legacy with some memorable catchphrases.

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Mandy Moore

My Half-Acre, Her Story II, Season 4

Moore plays the incredibly clumsy, ditzy Julie, who is set up with JD by his patient who is her great-aunt. While Julie and JD have a lot in common (their scooters, their love of Harry Potter and unicorns) they break up because she isn't ready for a serious relationship. Zach Braff was dating Moore in real life when she guest starred.

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Matthew Perry

My Unicorn, Season 4

Perry plays Murray, the son of one of JD's patients who needs a kidney transplant. Murray is reluctant to help his Dad because he wasn't around much and also because he gave him an old man's name. Even though it is revealed that Gregory isn't Murray's biological father, he gives him a kidney after all because he was a 'decent father'.

Matthew Perry also directed this episode, while his father was played by his real life dad.

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Heather Locklear

My Fruit Cups, My First Step - Season 2

The Melrose Place actress plays Julie Keaton, a pharmaceutical company representative who knows how to make an entrance. Julie is incredibly attractive and confident and ends up dating Dr. Cox during her appearance on the show.

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Dick Van Dyke

My Brother, My Keeper - Season 2

When an old colleague of Dr. Kelso, Dr. Townsend comes back, he originally brings joy to the hospital, causing JD and the gang to name him the anti-Kelso. Sadly it is not long before people realise that his treatment methods are out of date and dangerous, causing Kelso to fire his best friend.

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Courtney Cox

My Jerks, My Last Words, My Saving Grace, Season 8

Cox's guest appearance on Scrubs helped to fill a giant Friends-shaped hole in our hearts. She plays the new (but not for long) chief of medicine, Dr. Maddox, who initially seems like a good doctor who cares for her patients but soon turns out to be even worse than Dr. Kelso.

She's quite the ice queen, which is probably why she and Jordan get on so well.

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Ryan Reynolds

My Dream Job - Season 2

Long before Deadpool and just after Van Wilder, Ryan Reynolds played Spence, Turk and JD's college friend. In a flashback we discover that Spence is responsible for JD's hairstyle. After the three go out for a heavy night of drinking Spence accidentally reveals to Dr. Cox that he is Jordan's baby's father.

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John Ritter

My Lucky Day - My Old Man, Season 1/Season 2

Ritter plays JD's dad Sam, whom his son is later named after. When Sam comes to visit, JD gets annoyed because of his dad's attempt at being one of the guys. Though his time on the show was brief, it was very memorable, and the episode which shows JD and his brother Dan dealing with the loss of their dad was dedicated to Ritter, who died in September 2003.

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Colin Farrell

My Lucky Charm, Season 4

Farrell plays the incredibly charismatic Billy, who ends up going to the hospital with a man he had a bar fight with to make sure he's alright. Billy charms all the girls, and inspires all the guys to live a little more.

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Brendan Fraser

My Occurrence, My Hero, My Screw up - Season 3/ Season 1

Brendan plays Jordan's brother Ben, who made an incredible mark on the show. Funny initially, if not slightly annoying, but it is his cancer diagnosis and the impact it has on the main cast that makes the character really stand out.

Clip via The Green Bean Channel

Each Scrubs guest star made their mark in their own way, whether they made us laugh or cry, the show wouldn't be what it is without them, and this is only a selection of personal favourites. we're sure we've left out some great ones, so let us know who you'd pick by getting in touch on our WhatsApp number 087-4001102, editorial@JOE.ie or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter.