5 incredible acts that you need to see at Bulmers Forbidden Fruit 5 years ago

5 incredible acts that you need to see at Bulmers Forbidden Fruit

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It’s time to get your festival head on.


Festival season is upon us and Bulmers Forbidden Fruit Festival will be bringing some seriously good music to the Royal Kilmainham Hospital between 3-5 June. So what acts should you be most excited about?

It’s hard to ignore the impressive headline acts but here’s a quick summary of the must-see gigs and a round-up of why you need to see them.


Who: This seminal techno band were huge in the 90s because they appealed to their dance roots while also winning over the rock crowd. Still, Orbital aren’t just 90s relics and their euphoric sound makes them one of dance music’s best live headliners.


Why: The brothers behind the band have already split up twice so this could very well be their last gig – just saying! Seriously though, this is a band whose uplifting sound is perfect for big outdoor festivals. Their live sets are legendary and their combination of old-school rave and complex classics make this one not to be missed.

When: Saturday



Who: This German techno supergroup was formed from the members of Apparat and Modeselektor but they've gone on to develop a moody, insistent sound of their own. This is a group that is more than the sum of its parts, even if those parts are pretty darn good.

Why: The band continue to grow as a unit and critics have been gushing over their latest live gigs. Their music is a rich blend of emotion and driving beats but they’ve also become more song-driven in recent times. These old pros know how to work a crowd and they've the tunes to do just that.

When: Sunday


Aphex Twin

Who: Richard D James is the mad scientist of electronic music who dropped off the map for 13 years before his recent flurry of musical releases. Music videos like "Come to Daddy" and "Window Licker" brought him a degree of infamy but it’s his pioneering musical compositions that mark him out as a special talent.

Why: James hasn’t toured in five years and he could very easily go into hiding for a decade. Still, he remains one of the most interesting musicians of his generation. His music taps into everything from ambience to hardcore to acid to techno to minimalism. It’s a chance to see an intriguing artist in the flesh and experience his unique live sound.

When: Sunday.


Bon Iver

Who: Bon Iver aka Justin Vernon initially won over fans with his folk-tinged, stripped-back sound and his distinctive voice. He has since evolved into a much more experimental musician but his ability to write a beautiful song remains. Kanye West called him his “favourite living artist” and we’re not going to argue with ‘Ye.

Why: There’s been a Dylan-esque backlash to Bon Iver’s drift into electronic sounds but it’s given his music a new lease of life. The old hits still sound great on stage but his newer stuff and multimedia live gigs have been going down a treat on his recent tour.

When: Monday

Danny Brown

Who: This Detroit rapper has been carving out a name for himself as the thinking man's hip hop artist. Despite drawing on a diverse range of influences, he still manages to stand out from the crowd with his unique sound and his idiosyncratic flow.

Why: His last album was described as “rich, deep, full of wit, rapid fire lyrics and fantastically unusual production” so that’s a pretty good start. Brown is one of the more interesting rappers out there and an artist who is starting to reach the height of his powers. This is thinking rap with a punk rock ethos.

When: Monday

Bulmers has added a sixth stage to this year’s Bulmers Forbidden Fruit Festival in support of immensely talented, emerging Irish artists.

The Bulmers Live Stage – 100% Irish is a new platform that will play host to 15 artists over the three days, with really strong representation from incredible female performers such as Laoise, Tara Lee and Loah.

Please drink responsibly. 

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