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01st Jul 2024

Kneecap fans furious after ‘headline-worthy’ Glastonbury set not shown on BBC

Simon Kelly

Kneecap Glastonbury

“It seems like censorship to me.”

Fans of Irish rap trio Kneecap have been questioning why their ‘headline-worthy’ Glastonbury set has not been made available to stream.

Mo Chara, Móglaí Bap and DJ Próvaí drew massive crowds as they took to the Woodsies stage of the Somerset-based festival on Saturday morning.

They then finished with a raucous late-night show at the Shangri-La area, which they described as “one of the best gigs of our lives.”

During their sets, the Belfast group highlighted their pro-Palestine stance, with a projected message saying that 20,000 Palestinian children have been killed in Israeli strikes that have been “enabled by the British government.”

However, despite the successful performance, fans were left bemused after attempting to watch the set back on iPlayer, only to find out it wasn’t there.

Kneecap fans furious after ‘headline-worthy’ Glastonbury set not shown on BBC?

One fan wrote on X saying: “Has anyone been able to find Kneecap’s performance from Glastonbury on iPlayer?”

When another fan replied saying they haven’t, they responded: “I’ve seen their Insta posts and I think getting the crowd to chant, ‘Free Palestine!!’ means it ain’t getting on the BBC.”

Another said: “Still nothing. The last act of a desperate Tory government, keeping the boys off our screens.”

One fan replied directly to the BBC X page, asking: “Where’s the Kneecap set from the Woodsies stage this morning? It’s not on catch up and the footage from the stage is only from 2pm, it seems like censorship to me – just like the Idles set – which has been heavily edited on iPlayer”

Another commented: “Was hoping to catch Kneecap’s Glastonbury performance on the iPlayer but it doesn’t seem to be there… Can’t think why the BBC would choose to ignore them…”

Speaking after their set on Saturday about being labelled ‘Anti-British’, Mo Chara told Sky News: “This is a thing that people love to spin, like we’re some anti-British band.

“We have English family. We have loads of good friends who call themselves British. It’s the British government we don’t like.”

Fans of Kneecap at Woodsies Stage during day four of Glastonbury Festival (Getty)

As well as their two sets, the band also screened their new film also at the festival’s Pilton Palais cinema tent on Saturday.

Kneecap are currently in an ongoing dispute with the British government, after they were blocked from receiving a £15,000 funding award.

The band claim that their provocative poster for their 2019 Farewell to the Union tour, which showed former DUP leader Arlene Foster and then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson strapped to a rocket, had angered the Conservative Party, leading to the refusal of the grant.

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