An Oasis-themed club night is coming to Dublin 3 years ago

An Oasis-themed club night is coming to Dublin

You gotta roll with it, etc...

Good news, Oasis fans.


No, they haven't announced that big reunion.

However, fancy an Oasis-themed club night in the capital? Tremendous. Read on.

The Workman's Club in Dublin will play host to Mad Fer It; an evening in which it's essentially all Gallagher brothers, all the time with album hits, fan favourites and B-sides gleefully spun by DJs who have every single Oasis song at their fingertips.

The late night affair - 11.30pm until 3am - goes down on Friday 15 May with tickets priced from €10 available now at this here link.


As the poster above indicates, the Dublin leg is just one of several, with London, Manchester (naturally enough), Birmingham and Newcastle all on the agenda.

So, in summary:

Oasis reunion: Not happening.

Oasis-themed club night in Dublin: Very much happening.


It'll do? Definitely. Maybe.