PIC: Irish lads blag their way backstage at Creamfields to meet Avicii and Steve Aoki 6 years ago

PIC: Irish lads blag their way backstage at Creamfields to meet Avicii and Steve Aoki

Fair play to them.

We all have our favourite festival experiences and memories but this story featuring Gerald O'Connor, Shane Daly, Donogh Flannery and Paul Flannery is one of the best that we've heard.


It seems that Gerald managed to blag his way backstage during some of the best performances at Creamfields and this story is just too good not to share.

Gerald's nerves of steel and gift of the gab ensured that he was up close and personal at Avicii's gig after brazenly walking past several security guards to get to the backstage area. When here, he picked up two pieces of timber, pretended to be a labourer and jogged past the last line of security.

Here he is watching one of the world's most famous DJ's from a VIP backstage slot.

How did he do this you ask? Well, fair play to Gerald because he was thinking on his feet - he demanded to be let in quickly by saying that a light needed to be propped up.

The chancer also managed to mingle with Norwegian DJ Kygo and Martin Garrix, as seen in this photo below. Keep reading though because the story gets even better.

gerry and martin garrix


Being the generous type and a good mate, Gerald decided to head back to the campsite to try and get his mates a share of this backstage life.

20 minutes later he returned to the same spot and because his face was now known,  he managed to bring his friend Shane Daly past security to watch Alesso.

Take a look.

Naturally people asked what the two lads were doing there, to which they replied, "we're assistant management" and this fib worked every time. To avoid further detection, Gerald also helped out with the actual crew- tidying away wires and doing busy work behind the DJ booth - and no one suspected them.


Their crowning moment arrived on Sunday during Steve Aoki's set though. Gerald somehow managed to talk his way into being the guy that handed Steve Aoki cake (for CakeFace) during the performance, and he even charmed his way up to the DJ booth to ask Aoki if he was "ok for everything?"

gerry on stage during Steve Aoki

Need further proof? Take a look at this footage.


This story seems too good to be true but once again, the lads had a fool-proof method for getting in.

This time out, Gerry found two steel plates and handed one to his mate Paul. The lads calmly approached security, flashed their generic wristbands in their direction and told security that "this guy is with me". They bought it.

As Gerald's face was so well known at this point, he started to invite some other of his mates/'work associates' with him and the proof that his nerve succeeded is found in these brilliant backstage pictures and videos that the guys managed to grab featuring Steve Aoki, Avicii, Like Mike and Dimitri Vegas.

Fair play to all the lads, they're some chancers.


donogh with 3 are legend

paul and steve aoki