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02nd Jun 2017

WATCH: This man gets revenge on his friend who left it late to pay for his Guns N’ Roses ticket

He gets his comeuppance.


Is it a map? Is it a poster? No wait, it’s his ticket.

They say the early bird catches the worm and we now know that the late bird, gets an extremely large ticket printed out for them.

Kieran McGlynn got in touch with JOE to tell us his Guns N’ Roses story from last weekend. Being a kind and loyal friend, Kieran bought five tickets for Slane when they went on sale last year for himself and his friends.

Returning the favour, everyone paid Kieran back the very next day, except one person. Fair enough, not paying back the very next day is no crime but this particular friend didn’t part with his cash until the day of the concert.

Kieran spent as long waiting for his cash as he did waiting for Slash but he spent his time in waiting plotting his revenge for his late paying pal.

Kieran took great pride in filming the embarrassing ordeal on his phone as the security in Slane had trouble scanning the ridiculously large barcode on the sheet.

Telling JOE the background to the story, Kieran said:

“They’re a gang of fellas I was at secondary school with, living now in Galway, Belfast, Castlebar, Finglas and Cushendal. I hadn’t met most of them since AC/DC last year.

“Five of us met up in Dublin for a few warm up drinks and to catch up with each other, when I gave Adrian his ticket to much hilarity,” he said.

Kieran added: “He then had to carry it around with him for the day and had to produce it about five times at security before it finally got scanned. We had a laugh with it. He also is not the most coordinated man in the world so he had some trouble folding it and trying to keep it dry.

“I had a spare normal sized copy in my back pocket but didn’t tell him until security were about to turn him back. He will get me back – of that there is now doubt, it’s just a matter of when,” Kieran concluded.

Will his friend ever pay for something late again? We bet not in this lifetime…

Cheers to Kieran McGlynn for sending the text screenshot our way. 
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