The most popular drugs at music festivals have been revealed 6 years ago

The most popular drugs at music festivals have been revealed

Down with this sort of thing.

We don't mean to alarm you, but apparently some people that attend music festivals take drugs at those music festivals.


We know, we're as shocked as you are.


All joking on what is a serious issue aside, addiction treatment website have determined the most popular drugs at 15 music festivals (mostly in the USA) by examining over 3.5 million Instagram posts from those festivals and spotting the drugs referenced in the posts.

As pointed out on i100, using Instagram to collect the data isn't exactly a scientific approach and it will baffle many as to why so many people are referencing drugs on their own personal Instagram accounts.

The results, though, are still worth a look.


It's not exactly a huge surprise, for example, to discover that marijuana was popular at the Marley Festival or that MDMA and Ecstacy were referenced a lot at the Electric Daisy Carnival.


Nor is it a huge suprise, in our favourite revelation from the study, that alcohol was referenced very frequently in posts relating to the Chili Cook-Off.

Although no Irish festivals were examined as part of the study, it would be naive to think that illicit drugs won't be present at some of them coming up over the summer.

Just remember what Mr. Mackey had to say lads...

Hat-tip to i100