U2 fans, get ready for an Eamon Dunphy inspired song 4 years ago

U2 fans, get ready for an Eamon Dunphy inspired song

Achtung 'baby'.

Yes, you did read that right, don't adjust your screens.


U2’s Bono and Edge have been at the forefront to applaud the “exceptional bravery and power of the women’s movement” in leading the protest against the Trump administration in the US and a woman very close to the U2 frontman's heart is his wife, Ali.

Speaking in Seattle on Sunday night before they took to the stage for the first night of their Joshua Tree 30 tour in the States, Bono revealed last night that he has penned a new song in tribute to his dearly beloved wife of almost 35 years.

The song will follow in the footsteps of their 1998 hit 'Sweetest Thing' which was written for Ali after Bono spent her birthday in the studio recording material for a new album.

The idea did not stem from Bono, or any member of U2, or the music world for that matter. The idea was uttered from the mouth of none other than sports pundit, Eamon Dunphy.

“Eamon said this beautiful thing about me once in a bar in Dublin - he said “Bono, Ali is the best thing about you,”.

“So the song is called ‘You’re The Best Thing About Me’.”


Aww.. Bono is getting soft in his old age. But, fans of the famous Irish band will have to wait until 2018 before they get to hear a snippet of Bono's new love song.

The heartfelt statement from Dunphy makes a change from the usual 'spoofer' name calling and pen throwing antics.

Maybe we should leave the next Eurovision entry idea in the hands of Eamon Dunphy?