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25th May 2017

Wastefellow talks alter-egos and loops ahead of Bulmers Forbidden Fruit


What a wonderful fella is Wastefellow.

He is continuously demonstrating that he is not tied down to any one genre, throwing his hand at grime and hip-hop and even producing for some of Ireland’s most promising MCs.

He captivates live audiences, and the alternative producer will be hoping to attract and hold the interest and attention of those present at the Bulmers Forbidden Fruit festival.

His newest project, Wastee, produces beautifully obnoxious sounds and in an interview with District Magazine he opened up all about his newest project ahead of the June Bank Holiday festival.

“I think when I started playing as Wastefellow, I wasn’t particularly comfortable up on stage alone, so part of the idea behind the mask was definitely attempting to cover that up, to detach myself from things I guess” he told the magazine.

“I’ve kind of played around with a ‘dickhead alter ego’ persona online, which I like to think isn’t very representative of who I am.

“But it’s funny, when I DJ as Wastee it’s not like that at all, I’m totally comfortable, totally me, just having a lot of fun with it. So I guess there’s a bit of a disconnect there.”

The artist started to feel complacent in his last EP, Amazed, A Maze!, and admitted it was down to not partying as much and being less social.

“I felt like nothing was happening, I started projecting that onto everything, and that meant I kind of switched off to good things and opportunities that were around me” he said.

He added: “I guess looking back, it was more about being stuck in bad patterns of thinking, than actual patterns in life. The tracks on the EP were all about moments of breaking through that feeling, so it’s definitely more positive than I’ve maybe made it out to be.

“I guess it’s just throwing yourself in to something completely, being engaged, finding what you want to do and doing it. That sounds like a line from the blandest most derivative self help book ever, but it’s what’s been working for me.”

Wastefellow plays the Forbidden Fruit Festival on Monday 5 June.

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