10,000 apprenticeships to be offered each year under new government plan 2 weeks ago

10,000 apprenticeships to be offered each year under new government plan

There will also be incentives for employers to hire apprentices.

Minister for Higher Education Simon Harris will publish a plan on Monday that aims to offer 10,000 new apprenticeships every year by 2025.


According to RTÉ, the plan will include incentives for employers to take on apprentices with a €3,000 yearly grant being introduced from 2022.

There will also further supports offered to employ lone parents, people with a disability and those in living direct provision.

It's also expected there will be financial incentives to provide a greater gender mix in areas which traditionally skewed one way or the other.

Public sector bodies will also be asked to boost the number of apprentices in local authorities, the Civil Service and in other State-funded bodies.

Meanwhile, the range of apprenticeship areas will be expanded to include healthcare, the green economy and farming as well as international financial services and software.

There will also be pilot project which will see apprenticeship placements across Europe and the potential of cross-border apprenticeship programmes.

A national apprenticeship office is to be established to help coordinate reforms and to ensure initial targets are reached. This will also include a portal for school leavers who are interested in registering to become an apprentice.


The portal will seek to increase the visibility of apprenticeships as a career opportunity after leaving school.