140 Irish teenagers to be offered free Interrail tickets this summer 4 years ago

140 Irish teenagers to be offered free Interrail tickets this summer

Lucky for some.

140 Irish teenagers will be the lucky recipients of free interrail passes this summer.


There are 15,000 tickets available in total for EU-based teenagers, but 140 will be allocated solely to the Irish.

Applications open on 12 June and those who are successful will be told from 27 June.

The tickets will be valid from 9 July until 30 September of this year.

If selected, you will also be helped with costs, and set up with a travel agent to help with the organisation of the trip.


You are able to apply for the free passes if you fill all of these requirements:

  • are 18 years old on 1 July 2018 (born between 2 July 1999 and 1 July 2000 included);
  • have the nationality of one of the 28 Member States of the European Union;
  • fill in your passport number on the online application form;
  • start your journey in one of the EU 28 Member States;
  • plan to start your travel between 9 July and 30 September 2018;
  • plan to travel between 1 day and up to 30 days inclusive;
  • plan to travel to at least 1 and up to 4 foreign country destinations within the EU;

MEP Brian Hayes is at the heart of the organisation of the scheme, and he explained the logistics of the system in more detail, saying: "For the most part participants will be travelling by rail. To ensure a wide access across the continent, the travel pass will also offer alternatives such as buses or ferries.

"In exceptional cases, and when no other transport means are available, travel by plane will be permitted. This will ensure that young people living in remote areas or on islands also have a chance to take part."


This is a pilot scheme, and could continue based on the results of the trial this year.

If you are eligible to apply, you can do so here on 12 June, and can find more information about the scheme here.