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07th Jun 2023

The Two Johnnies’ catfish saga appears as Leaving Cert question

Simon Kelly

We’re sure Cora O’Donovan is delighted.

The saga that captivated the nation last year, the Two Jonnies’ catfish story, has appeared on this year’s English and Communications Leaving Cert paper, firmly cementing it into Irish pop culture history.

The podcasters shared the jaw-dropping story on their podcast last summer about a serial catfish that is said to have targeted up to 40 people – one of them included. The story subsequently went viral, with the podcast being shared far and wide throughout the country and beyond.

A catfish is someone who makes up an online persona to trick another person into a relationship or with the intent of scamming them. The term was made popular by the 2010 movie of the same name, which went on to become a long-running TV show.

The Irish Times article that took a deep dive into the saga appeared on the Leaving Cert paper this week, prompting students to answer questions on the story and their opinions on the phenomenon of catfishing.

Two Johnnys

“To all the teachers who said we would never amount to anything,” said co-host Johnnie B. “Shout out to my Junior Cert English teacher who told me to do Pass, I did Honours and look at me now (still can’t spell). Its crazy to us that it’s on the Leaving Cert, but it’s great that young people are reading about it, hopefully no one else gets catfished! And best of luck to everyone with the Leaving, what’s for ya won’t pass ya, except a taxi on a night out in Dublin – that will pass ya!”

2 Johnnies leaving cert

Johnny Smacks added, “I never thought when 18 year old me sat to do his Leaving Cert wearing a vest top because he just got a fresh tattoo on his arm and he didn’t want to mark it, that we’d be in the Leaving Cert, proud day for the 2 Johnnies.”

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