23 further Covid-19 deaths confirmed, 1,378 new cases 1 month ago

23 further Covid-19 deaths confirmed, 1,378 new cases

The latest figures have been released.

23 further Covid-19 deaths have been confirmed, as well as 1,378 new cases.


The median age of those who died is 84 years and the age range is 61-99 years.

All of these deaths occurred in January.

As of this afternoon, 1,931 people are in hospitals across the country with Covid, with 218 of them in the ICU.

379 of today's cases are in Dublin, while 145 are in Cork, 86 are in Wexford, 85 are in Galway, and 71 in Limerick. The remainder are spread across all counties.

Speaking of these slightly lower figures, CMO Tony Holohan said: "While we are starting to make progress in reducing the level of the virus in the community, this is a critical time for all of us to hold firm to the public health advice.

"We must not let down our guard against this highly infectious disease and the risk it poses to ourselves and those most medically vulnerable to infection."

Holohan also once again urged employers to allow their employees to work from home, stating: "Everyone who can should work from home where possible."


The HSE warned that our hospitals are now in a "critical" situation.

Earlier on Sunday, the Northern Ireland Department of Health reported that a further 433 individuals have tested positive for Covid-19 in the past 24 hours.

Sadly, a further 14 deaths have also been reported up north (though one was outside the 24 hour period).