300 people reported for breaching hosepipe ban as water restrictions extended 4 years ago

300 people reported for breaching hosepipe ban as water restrictions extended

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Irish Water have revealed that over 300 people have been reported to them by members of the public for breaching this month's hosepipe ban.


The announcement comes as Irish Water extended the hosepipe ban until the end of August due to the current drought-like conditions which have left alarming soil moisture deficits.

The original hosepipe ban was due to expire on Tuesday but as water levels remain critically low in many areas, the ban was pushed back.

The utility company said it is the view of the water engineering experts within local authorities and Irish Water that the situation will remain critical up to and possibly beyond mid-August.

Irish Water officials have started visiting the homes of those who have been reported to be breaching the hosepipe ban.


No fines have been issued yet, but they remain a possibility for anyone grossly ignoring the ban. Currently, Irish Water are just reminding of the conservation order and the impact their use will have on other members of the community.

A penalty of €125 will have to be paid by customers if a fine is issued.

The news came as a status yellow rainfall warning was been issued for 16 counties on Friday and into Saturday morning as the recent sunny spells looks set to break.

However, Irish Water have warned that the short burst of heavy rain will not be enough to counteract the low levels across reservoirs, rivers and lakes.