Over 300 UCD students to re-sit exam due to 'compromised' test paper 5 years ago

Over 300 UCD students to re-sit exam due to 'compromised' test paper

More than 300 UCD students will have to re-sit an exam after the test paper was compromised.

According to The University Observer, it came to light that an image of a very similar test was sent out to the medical students shortly before the exam took place.


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The publication claims that 230 students out of the 300 who sat the exam received an A grade; however, they did not receive their grades for the module when results were posted online.

The exam was a multiple choice questionnaire and they will have to take “a new examination of the same format”.

Students who sat the exam received an email on 22 January to inform them that they will have to re-sit the exam later this year because the original had been “compromised and thus rendered invalid”.


A student told the website: “The usual bell-curve that you get with grades didn’t happen. It was skewed to the right, so there were more A and B grades than would usually be the case."

When asked about the compromisation, university lecturer Dr. Baugh said: “I have never provided students with exam questions ahead of resit exams.

"I have allowed students to review, under supervision, the exam paper that they sat and failed so that they can identify topics they need assistance with. Students have never been allowed to copy questions or take exam papers from my office."

Students will have to re-sit the exam on week five of semester two.