Over 30,000 people availed of the walk-in vaccine centres over the weekend 5 months ago

Over 30,000 people availed of the walk-in vaccine centres over the weekend

Great to see.

Over 30,000 people used the walk-in vaccination centres that operated around the country over the Bank Holiday weekend.


It's thought the HSE is considering reopening the walk-in vaccines because of the success of the initiative.

Chief Executive of the Health Service Executive Paul Reid has said the uptake had exceeded their "expectations by far".

"All age groups went through but this initiative makes us beyond proud of younger people," Reid said.

"When needed, they once again showed up in numbers."

Less than a week ago, the HSE issued a warning as it said young people were "intentionally" contracting Covid-19 in order to obtain vaccine passports.

“It also has come to our attention that recently a number of teenagers and young adults may have acquired Covid-19 intentionally at social events," Douglas Hamilton, Specialist in Public Health Medicine at the Department of Public Health in the Midlands told JOE last week.

"The objective may have been to acquire Covid-19 in order to quickly qualify for a Covid Digital Certificate."


The EU Digital Covid Certificate was rolled out in Ireland for use in international travel on 19 July and for indoor dining on 26 July for fully vaccinated people, those who have recently recovered from the virus, and accompanying under 18s.

For entry to indoor dining, a person must produce their proof of vaccination as well as a photo ID in order to gain entry.