Gary Lineker is once again coming under serious pressure to drop his pants 6 years ago

Gary Lineker is once again coming under serious pressure to drop his pants

The day is fast approaching...

Gary Lineker's fateful promise to broadcast Match of The Day in his underwear if Leicester won the Premier League has resurfaced. The first episode of the season is this Saturday night.


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Long gone are the days of wildly saying 'I'll eat my hat, I'll jump off a cliff and I'll ride a sheep and shag a horse if that happens".

Oh yes, the friendly fun of the outlandish threat is no more. The internet is a watchdog to make sure you fulfill every single unwise promise you ever made. Well at least all those Gary Lineker made.


And if the internet alone isn't powerful enough it seems a multinational crisp company will get involved.

Walkers crisps have launched an ad campaign pushing the #WeSupportYouGary tag with many others hopping on board, including his ex-wife with some tighty-whitey insinuations.


It seems there is a strange lust for both Lineker's pride and pants to fall.


Can a man go back on his word? Or are the rumours of Lineker's intense summer workouts, proof enough that August 13th will see MOTD in the NIP?

For now Lineker is handling things with bemused remarks but we think we can detect a several shades of fear in there too.


Will BBC let him broadcast in the nip? Will his pride allow him not to?