Donald Trump is interested in buying Greenland 1 year ago

Donald Trump is interested in buying Greenland

I don't think any of us expected him to say that.

Multiple major news organisations have reported that Donald Trump has repeatedly asked his advisors whether it's possible to buy Greenland.


Trump's interest in the land grab was first reported by the Wall Street Journal, but CNN and the New York Times also say they have been contacted by sources who told them the same thing.

Greenland, the largest island on earth, is currently an autonomous country of the Kingdom of Denmark.

According to the reports, Trump had been advised by friends that Denmark's economy has been suffering from supporting Greenland, which is 75% permanent ice-sheet. Trump is said to be interested in Greenland for its natural resources, as well as its strategic value from a military point of view.

Since 1951, Greenland has been home to Thule Air Base, the US' northernmost military base. Thule's radar and listening post features a Ballistic Missile Early Warning System that can warn of incoming intercontinental ballistic missiles and reaches thousands of miles into Russian territory.

The White House counsel's office has reportedly looked into the possibility of buying Greenland, but no concrete steps have been taken towards this end.