69 Garda reserves called up to support the policing of Level 5 restrictions 1 month ago

69 Garda reserves called up to support the policing of Level 5 restrictions

Uniformed Gardaí were also redeployed from administrative roles to the front line over the last week.

69 Garda reserves and 71 Garda trainees have been called up by An Garda Síochána to support the policing of Level 5 restrictions.


In a move to maximise front-line capacity, An Garda Síochána attested 140 Garda trainees and Garda reserves.

The 71 new sworn members of An Garda Síochána commenced their Garda training in May 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic.

These 71 members undertook a new style of training, which blended online learning and on-site learning in the Garda College in Templemore, combined with experiential learning in training Garda stations. They will now assume operational responsibilities.

The 69 Garda reserves have undergone training to prepare them to contribute to front line policing, including public compliance with health guidelines and regulations.

A redeployment of administration-based Garda to roles on the front line also took place over the last week.

"A very important aspect of the work of An Garda Síochána throughout the pandemic has been day-to-day engagement with the most vulnerable," Commissioner Drew Harris said.

"Often Gardaí have been people’s only interaction or contact, their only support. The newly attested Garda members and reserves will help support this work and that no one in need will feel as though they are dealing with this alone.


"Crime has continued during the pandemic, and the dedication and professionalism of Gardaí has allowed us to maintain our operational pace over the past 10 months. At all times, Gardaí across the country have continued to focus on preventing and detecting criminality.

"Garda members regularly face dangerous, uncertain situations in order to assist and protect the public. It takes true mettle to come forward at a critical period in the country’s fight against this virus and be prepared to give it all to protecting the public from the frontline.

"The 69 Garda reserves have willingly committed their time to support the ongoing efforts to keep people safe and will form an integral part of our policing effort moving forward.

"The newly attested members and reserves will help ensure community policing, crime detection and prevention, as well as the policing of public health regulations are all efficiently conducted."