77 further Covid deaths confirmed, 1,910 new cases 1 month ago

77 further Covid deaths confirmed, 1,910 new cases

The latest Covid figures have been released.

77 further Covid-19 deaths have been confirmed in Ireland, as well as 1,910 new cases.


76 of these deaths occurred this month, while one of them was in December.

The ages of those who died range from 43 to 98.

710 of today's cases are in Dublin, while 150 are in Cork, 103 are in Meath, 102 are in Limerick, and 86 are in Louth. The remainder are spread across the rest of the country.

As of this afternoon, there are 1,892 people with Covid in hospitals across the country, with 217 of them in Intensive Care Units.

Speaking of these figures, Chief Medical Officer Tony Holohan said: "Through the solidarity shown by families and communities across the country in recent weeks, we are beginning to flatten the curve of Covid-19 infection.

"We can only continue this by continuing to stay at home and avoid meeting or mixing with others in our social circle, including for any close family gatherings, such as birthdays or funerals, as these can be ‘super-spreader’ events.

"We know it is possible to have Covid-19 without displaying symptoms, so we all need to behave as though we are infectious and minimise our close contacts with others.


"If you suspect that you might be ill, isolate away from others in your household, let your close contacts know and come forward for testing as soon as possible."

Earlier on Saturday, the Northern Ireland Department of Health reported that 670 individuals have tested positive for Covid-19 in the past 24 hours.

Sadly, a further 12 deaths have also been reported up north (though two were outside the 24 hour period).