A dog was butchered to death in a vicious attack in Wexford 5 years ago

A dog was butchered to death in a vicious attack in Wexford

Warning: This may be upsetting for some readers.

We were sent something that we wanted to bring to your attention. Symone got in touch to say her grandparent's dog Gizmo was taken, killed and was doused in oil ready to be lit on fire.


She is asking for anyone with any information on the incident to contact the New Ross Garda station. Symone tells the story below;

It is with a heavy heart and swollen eyes that I have to write this.14 years ago my nanny and grandad welcomed a little scut of a puppy into their home. We called him Gizmo. Gizmo was not only a dog, he was my grandparents best friend.

He guarded the house with his big man bark to compensate for his little body, ready to protect my grandparents from anyone he didn't recognise. He would sit on my grandad's lap and watch TV with him. He would climb up the stairs and wait to be brought to the shop every morning at half past 8.

Nanny and grandad has to spell S-H-O-P so he didn't get excited sometimes and demand to leave the house with them. He lay on his sofa every night happy to just be in the company of my nanny and grandad.

His face had then started to become grey and he didn't walk the same way anymore. He was getting old and we all knew it. We wanted his remaining time to be comfortable. Which it was. Until he got out of the house and got taken from my grandparents.

He was gutted up the middle. His tongue had been ripped out of his little mouth. He had oil thrown on his little body and was dumped under some tyres ready to be made into a bonfire.

My grandad had to bury his best friend today.Which is why we need to be a voice for Gizmo and make sure this doesn't happen to any other helpless animal or person even.

If anyone knows who might have done this please, please pass that information on.

This is such a heart-breaking story, we really hope they find whoever did this.