A Wetherspoons competitor with a very similar name is set to open in Cork 8 years ago

A Wetherspoons competitor with a very similar name is set to open in Cork

Keep naming pubs like this and they'll soon run out of cutlery.

British pub chain Wetherspoons have been making their presence felt in Ireland of late, a presence that is only set to increase with the planned opening of 30 pubs throughout the country over the next five years.


As you'd expect considering it's Ireland second largest city (and in some people's eyes, the REAL capital) Cork is very much in Wetherspoon's plans, but they're going to have competition from a couple of young Cork publicans intent on taking them on.

Phil Ryan and Eamon Walsh bought 'The Classic' bar and nightclub in Cork's South Main Street earlier this month and today they revealed their plans to name the venue 'Weather Forks' ahead of its opening next month.

Ryan and Walsh are both well-known on the pub scene in the city and although the name first started out as a joke, they decided to go with it for the hell of it.

Renovations are currently ongoing and the venue is on schedule to open in mid-May, with 50 jobs set to be created when Weather Forks opens its doors after an investment of over €1 million.


Commenting on the decision to adopt a name so similar to such a major competitor, Phil Ryan said: “We are really excited and looking forward to launching ‘Weather Forks’. The name came to us out of the blue one day and started as a joke. We were trying to come up with a name and someone jokingly suggested Weather Forks.

"The more we thought about it, the name fits in really well with the food offering and is a bit tongue-in-cheek which is also the personality of the venue, so it just seemed to stick."

Fair forks to them.