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06th Jan 2022

AA issues warning as schools set to reopen

Hugh Carr

aa warning schools

Wintery conditions and increased traffic are expected.

The AA has warned drivers to be “extra cautious” as traffic is set to increase due to the return to school on Thursday (6 January).

The motoring association is warning drivers to anticipate wintery conditions over the next coming days.

“It’s the new year and schools are returning, so why not take some time to check that your car is kitted out with the correct equipment for keeping young passengers safe,” said Anna Cullen of AA Ireland.

“This includes having the correct child restraint systems in place. As stated by law, all children under 150cm tall and weighing less than 36kg must use the correct child restraint seat, booster seat or booster cushion.”

“Remember too, it’s the driver’s legal responsibility to ensure that all passengers under 17 are wearing a seat belt or fitted with an appropriate child restraint system,” she added.

Motorists are being asked not to leave a child unsupervised in a parked car due to “a number of hazards”.

The AA has warned drivers to be careful around icy conditions in the country.

A Status Yellow weather warning for snow and ice is currently in place for the country until Friday (7 January).

The AA is asking that drivers check their tyres regularly, clear their windows, mirrors, and headlights of any ice and carry a screen scraper and de-icer in their vehicle.

Never pour very hot or boiling water on the windscreen as it could weaken or crack the glass.

“One of the most important things you need to do while driving on icy roads is slow down,” Cullen said.

“This means allowing extra time for your journeys, as it might take you a little longer to get there.

“In icy conditions it can take ten times longer to stop your vehicle, meaning it’s essential to give yourself extra space around other road users,” she added.

Sun glare and fog are also potential hazards in wintery conditions, and the AA are asking drivers to drive cautiously.