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19th Jun 2024

Adrian Kennedy cuts radio show short after ‘vile’ comments over cancer diagnosis

Simon Kelly

Adrian Kennedy cancer diagnosis

“It knocked us for 6”.

Adrian Kennedy and Jeremy Dixon had to cut their show short this week due to ‘vile’ messages being sent in regarding Kennedy’s recent cancer diagnosis.

The former 98fm and FM104 host, who now broadcasts on East Coast FM, Newstalk and Classic Hits, recently told listeners that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer two months ago.

On Tuesday, the duo apologised to listeners on their social media for cutting their most recent show short, explaining that a ‘disgusting troll’ aimed messages about Adrian’s cancer diagnosis and ‘blaming the [covid] vaccine’.

“It knocked us for 6.. no job is worth that vile abuse,” they said.

Adrian Kennedy cuts radio show short after ‘vile’ comments over cancer diagnosis

The DJs refused to read out the message on air, with Dixon later uploading a video explaining their decision.

“We were talking about a disgusting, disgusting troll and the things he said to Adrian about his cancer diagnosis and blaming the vaccine.

“If that wasn’t bad enough, towards the end of the topic – well we ended up cutting the topic short because of the message that came in at the end of the show which is just vile.”

Dixon continued, “We didn’t read out the message because it involved more than just us on the show.

“It’s dragging other people into it and saying disgusting things and we’re not prepared to do that.”

Irish radio star Adrian Kennedy opens up on shock cancer diagnosis

Kennedy opened up about his shock following being diagnosed with cancer a few weeks ago on his Opinions Matters podcast alongside Dixon.

“I fell off the chair, the blood drained from me,” he told listeners. “It’s the one thing nobody wants to hear, and within an hour I was sitting in this studio doing a podcast,” he said.

After his diagnosis, Kennedy took some time off to undergo surgery to remove his prostate, which doctors have told him was successful.

The show shared a post on social media saying: “It’s been a strange few weeks on the Opinions Matter podcast and as many of you may have noticed, the show has been off air a few days.

“This is because Adrian was diagnosed with cancer a few months back and he has been dealing with that behind the scenes.

“As a team our priority is that Adrian has a speedy recovery and gets well again soon.

“He opened up yesterday live on the show about his diagnosis and we hope that his personal story will highlight the importance of keeping on top of health checks and screening.

The broadcaster said that he had been “been floored with lovely messages from listeners” after his diagnosis was revealed on the podcast.

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