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19th Nov 2016

WATCH: Aer Lingus lost their #AirlineChallenge with Air New Zealand and they are following through

Rosanna Cooney

Let it never be said we are undignified in defeat.

While the evening’s rugby was fought on the pitch, two national airlines were not so quietly waging their own battle. Aer Lingus and Air New Zealand engaged in a twitter fray leading up to the match and if you need a reminder of the witty back-and-forth check it out here.

The wager in the end was the losing airline would dress one of their cabin crews up in the rugby kit of the other country.

Aer Lingus are sticking to their word and the video speaks for itself.

Could you be  so lucky to be on a flight of smiling hosts in rugby jerseys? It remains to be seen if Aer Lingus will bow to the final piece of the Kiwi’s wager…

A Christmas carol sung in defeat might just prove too much for the crew.

Main Image Via; One Productions