Airbnb hosts in Ireland are doing pretty damn well for themselves, new figures reveal 2 years ago

Airbnb hosts in Ireland are doing pretty damn well for themselves, new figures reveal

Guests and hosts contributed over €500 million to the Irish economy last year.

A typical Airbnb host in Ireland earns a cool €3,500 a year, according to an Airbnb Insights Report released on Tuesday.

As if proof was needed about the platform’s rising popularity in this country then the Insights Report provides it in spades, revealing that Airbnb was used by 676,000 Irish guests over the last year – a rise of 98 percent compared to the year previous – with 1.2 million people in total using Airbnb to travel in Ireland.

Between them, guests and hosts on Airbnb in Ireland contributed a whopping €506 million to Ireland’s economy, with €227 million of that figure coming from outside of Dublin.

The average listing on Airbnb in Ireland is booked for approximately 37 nights of the year, while the average age of hosts is 45.

The fastest-growing destinations (measured by inbound guest growth) were the northwest (an increase of 101%) and the midlands (87%); the northwest had the highest percentage of guests travelling as a family, while the southeast had the highest percentage of guests staying with female hosts.

Commenting on the report, Aisling Hassell, Ireland Site Lead and Global Head of Customer Experience, said: “Ireland’s vibrant communities and unique hospitality have continued to bring more visitors to the country than ever before, with hosts right across the country benefiting from record-breaking growth in guest arrivals on Airbnb.

“From Westmeath to Wexford, millennials to seniors, and castles to treehouses, there’s something for everyone on Airbnb. Hosts in Ireland are true ambassadors for their neighbourhoods and we look forward to seeing many more guests from around Ireland and the world discover the unique and welcoming homes on Airbnb.”

You can read the Airbnb Insights Report in full here.